Zinc Die Casting

Zinc alloys are the easiest to cast. It has high impact strength and is very economical due to the fact thousands, in some cases millions, of identical zinc parts can be produced before new tooling is required. Zinc also has excellent physical, mechanical properties and finishing characteristics. With the exception of brass, Zinc has the highest impact strength of all die cast materials.

Some benefits of Zinc Die Castings.

  • High Impact Strength
  • Economical for small parts
  • Promotes long die life
  • Easily Plated or Finished with minimal surface preparation
  • Produces multi-cavity, complex shapes within closer tolerances than many¬†other production processes
  • High Ductility

Along with conventional die cast machines, ranging from 25 to 125 tons, Cast Products, Inc. has the largest number of Techmire Multi-Slide Die Casting Machines in the U.S.

Advances in multi-slide, hot chamber zinc die casting have established Multi-Slide technology as the process of choice for complex precision components. Multi-slide casting technology can economically replace components manufactured by a variety of other processes, often with substantial cost savings and significant performance improvement.