Part Design Assistance

The Cast Products engineering group is the best resource for the development of your next project. Whether you have a new or existing zinc or aluminum casting, a material conversion, or a multi-piece assembly, our award winning design team can offer you the technical and creative design expertise to make your project a success.

We work with our customers on design consultation with tooling in mind. Our team begins by acquiring information in order to understand your casting needs. This includes a thorough review of the casting application, as well as specific technical and commercial issues. Using decades of die casting experience, our design team can help you create the best casting design for your application.

The best way for an American manufacturer to compete in the global market is through a combination of innovative designs and superior quality tooling. The seamless transition between our engineering group and our in-house tooling department results in a level of quality which is unmatched in the industry. CAE capabilities are built on a platform utilizing SolidWorks solid modeling software, allowing us to accept any form of 2D & 3D data. After analyzing your information, a member of our engineering team will contact you to thoroughly discuss your needs and possibly offer cost savings ideas. Once your mold is designed a MAGMA Casting Process Simulation can be run to verify the runner, gate, venting and cooling line placement. When all concerned parties have signed off on the final mold design, the tooling information will transfer to our state-of-the-art toolroom.

Let the experience of an 8-Time NADCA International Die Casting Competition Award Winner work for you for all your zinc die casting needs. We specialize in doing what other casters say can’t be done!