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Topic: Reshoring to North America

If you organization is looking to resource die castings to North America, Cast Products Inc. has a solution.  Manufacturing companies in North America have struggled with the question: Do I source locally or offshore.  As the world has gotten smaller, sourcing options have grown leaving several options for supply managers.  This is a complex decision as several factors are involved:

  • Is there technology only available in a certain part of the world?
  • Where is the final product produced?  And sold?
  • Are there tax benefits based on my sourcing location?
  • Do we have concerns with labor or environmental ethics?
  • Is the lead time within my planning horizon? 
  • Will I have a secure source of supply?
  • Can I get it cheaper?

That last question, “Can I get it cheaper?” would often be the driving factor in the final sourcing decision.  As Supply Chain Management evolved, professionals began to ask, “what is the total cost of our purchasing decision?”  Often overlooked are the additional costs involved with sourcing offshore:

  • Total Logistics Cost
  • Product Damaged in Transit
  • Delays in Delivery
  • Replacement of Defects
  • Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Expedited Freight
  • Currency Adjustments
  • Supplier Visit Costs
  • Global Conflicts
  • Inflation

Taking these factors into account, the playing field began to level for the suppliers in North America.  For several years, manufacturing companies would live with the uncertainties and inconveniences of offshore sourcing.  When the pandemic hit, everything changed.  The supply chain links shattered into pieces.  The question quickly changed from “how can I get it cheaper” to “how can I get it”? 

All manufacturing organizations are reviewing their supply chain strategy to determine how to best remove supply chain vulnerabilities.  Localized sourcing is getting a much closer look, and this is where Cast Products can provide a solution. 

Cast Products has been a constant in the die casting industry since 1966.  Our central location in the Midwest United States provides an excellent solution to manufacturing organizations looking to source in North America.  We provide zinc die castings in several Zamak alloys to meet your design needs.  We current cast Z2, Z3, Z5 and ZA8 alloys.  Whether your reshoring program requires parts as small as a few grams, or as large as two pounds, CPI has the capability to secure your supply chain. 

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