Doing Business with Us

Cast Products, Inc. is focused on delivering high volume engineered zinc and aluminum die cast parts at a competitive price without sacrificing quality, service, or integrity. How we accomplish this is simple:

We Analyze and Evaluate – We start with a solid understanding of your business, technical, and commercial needs. During this step, we gather as much information as possible about your operations and requirements so that we can present the best solutions. Customers who are comfortable sharing information about what truly impacts cost benefit the most from this process.

We Recommend Solutions – Once we fully understand your needs, our engineering and manufacturing teams work to deliver the best tooling and parts production solution for your business while always being mindful of cost. We will present you with accurate quotations and provide all the information you need to make an informed evaluation.

We Design and Deliver – This is where Cast Products, Inc. outperforms our competition. We have experienced engineering and production staffs with a total commitment to customer satisfaction. Cast Products, Inc. utilizes industry-leading technologies to deliver cost competitive tooling and production packages for our customers.

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