State of the art metal feed system.

State of the art dosing furnace:

  • Pouring accuracy within 7 grams
  • Reduced metal turbulence
  • Reduced metal heat loss
  • Gates and runners conveyed back to the furnace.

Highly advanced programmable spray system which minimizes lube use and spray time.

Shot and process control monitoring with process data download to central server. Robot will scrap shots out of parameters.

Closed loop servo controlled shot with up to 12 velocity and 10 pressure profile inputs.

High speed robotic extraction with immediate quench and trim options.

Computer controlled trim with programmable hydraulic slide functions and auto unloading.

Water heating and cooling of dies.  Process is thermally more efficient than hot oil.

Automatic tie bar retraction and electronic die height adjustment for quick die changeover.

Shot weight up to 8 pounds.