ToolFirst is an industry-leading approach to integrated tool and part production operations and provides Cast Products, Inc. customers the benefit of overall lower cost of ownership. Cast Products, Inc. offers five different tool procurement options so that our customers can secure the quality tools they need and not be forced to source offshore. ToolFirst provides our customers the ability to manage cash flow, reduce overall tooling expenses, and, in some cases, secure new tooling at a fraction of what they would expect to pay. ToolFirst also offers a host of rewards for loyal Cast Products, Inc. customers. Please call 708-457-1500 to find out how ToolFirst can improve your bottom line!

What Customers Are Saying About ToolFirst:

  • “After talking to Cast Products about ToolFirst, we realized there was no reason to consider offshore suppliers.”

  • “We wish other suppliers would take this type of creative approach to helping us reduce overall cost.”

  • “ToolFirst made it easy for us to upgrade our dies…I looked like a hero to my management.”

Contact us for more information 708-457-1500