A new, horizontal retort furnace designed by GASBARRE FURNACES measures 36x72x36 inches and processes loads up to 7,000 lbs., for precision gas nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing processes. It is designed to perform post-oxidation steps to ensure corrosion-protection and high-quality surface appearances for brake pistons, ring gears, ball studs, ball sleeves, valve springs, piston rings, and other high-value parts.

The batch-type gas-nitriding system uses a vacuum pump for rapid purging and an integral retort, with a recirculating fan and inner baffle for atmosphere circulation. The furnace also includes PLC control and an HMI for ease of operation. It also can also perform nitrogen tempering, stress relieving, and steam treating cycles.

Gasbarre also designs and manufactures brazing furnaces for specific thermal processing requirements, including a new mesh-belt brazing system.

Gasbarre box temper furnaces consistently return temperature uniformity results of +/- 10°F, with options to +/-5°F. Continuous and modular vacuum furnaces, and other custom-designed heat-treating furnaces also are available.

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