Is Multi-Slide Casting Technology the Answer to Your Next Project?

Advances in multi-slide, hot chamber zinc die casting have established this technology as the process of choice for complex precision components.   Multi-slide casting technology can economically replace components manufactured by a variety of other processes, often with a substantial cost savings and significant performance improvement.  Ideal for parts weighing a few grams up to 1 pound CPI has dies measuring from 2×2 up to 8×10.  Here are some facts….

The Advantages

  • Complex geometry parts can be produced with high precision
  • Consistent part quality
  • Quick die changeovers
  • In-die de-gating and automatic separation of parts from runners is possible
  • Flash-free castings
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Elimination/reduction of secondary operations
  • Savings in material, energy and labor costs


  • Ultra high volume production
  • Replaces brass & other screw machine parts, stampings and aluminum extrusions
  • Multiple part assemblies can often be converted to die-castings with significant cost savings
  • Castings can be produced with a variety of textures and finishes often replacing more expensive materials


Initial die and die replacement costs are often lower as compared to other processes.  In addition, because of the low melting temperature of zinc, dies for zinc die castings last up to ten times longer than the tooling used for other processes.


Zinc die-castings can accept virtually any finish but are often used “as cast” with no further surface treatment.  A wide variety of surface finishes can be applied to enhance aesthetic appeal, increase corrosion resistance and improve mechanical properties.  Typical finishes include chromate conversion coatings, plating, and powder coating.


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