Process Control and Validation

Die casting is a scientifically driven, thermodynamic process from which we can extract critical process data such as temperatures, pressures, times and speeds which correlate to the casting itself. During the tool design phase, these critical casting process parameters are determined using our proprietary “CPIQ2 Casting Sciences” methodology and validated through an iterative design process using MAGMAsoft™ flow simulation software. These parameters are then used as a starting point for production personnel when performing initial sampling trials.  Once these trials are completed, our production team reviews the castings and the casting machine process data to develop the appropriate parameter limits that are to be maintained during production.

Once in production, these limits are monitored by two separate systems running in parallel.  First, there are monitoring systems built into each casting machine like Techmire’s Production Parameter Control System or “PPCS” system or Frech’s DATADIALOG system.  Any shots recorded to be out of the set limits are automatically segregated by the machine and scrapped. If multiple rejections are recorded in sequence, the machine will automatically stop, alarm out and notify production personnel that there is an issue.  Second, casting process parameters are also being monitored at the enterprise level using our proprietary “Statistical Monitoring and Reporting Technology” (SMART) system.  This system is controlled exclusively by the process engineering team and allows for a secondary embedded check of the PPCS and DATADIALOG parameters to ensure adherence to preset limits. The SMART system also allows for a deeper review of the critical casting parameters and uses statistical methods to predict when parameters will be going out of tolerance. In effect, machines are stopped BEFORE they make bad parts!